BeetleBot: Gen Z - The journey from Zero to Hero

We have great news this week and are delighted to be announced as the 1st Runner-Up Winner of the Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge (QVIC), hosted by Qualcomm with the BeetleBot - Gen Z product. AIOZ has effectively applied artificial intelligence to develop BeetleBot - an automatic indoor delivery robot with many outstanding features. After a long and challenging journey, BeetleBot has successfully passed many competition teams and convinces the organizers.

Hello! My name is BeetleBot!

The robot industry is still relatively new to us, but with the development of technology, in the future, robots will not be too strange for us anymore. Welcome to AIOZ, where BeetleBot was born. The BeetleBot is an indoor delivery robot that uses artificial intelligence and voice interface technology. With a compact design, taking the main white font, user-friendly.

Integrated with unique technologies, we can easily connect with Gen Z through QR codes. BeetleBot Gen Z has a radar system that can dodge obstacles, rotate 360 degrees. With the map you build on your mobile, the robot can automatically find the way. We also can adjust the map every time. Besides, with a Q&A feature implemented on the robot, you can communicate with the robot at the basic level.

Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge

Qualcomm is a leading telecommunications technology corporation in the world, established an office in Vietnam in 2013 with the desire to encourage young startups to create new products in fields such as 5G, IoT, machine learning technology, artificial intelligence, smart city, etc. QICV was held for the first time in Vietnam in 2019, which involves the support of Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology. After the competition, the participating teams will become members of Qualcomm's global network.

Find more details at QVIC Homepage

Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge has created a healthy playground for young technology startups in Vietnam to unleash their creativity. Although the contest has ended, this long journey still leaves a strong impression on each member of AIOZ.

Let's look back on the journey of more than a year participating in the competition of AIOZ. From Feb to Sep 2020, we applied our solution proposal to the QVIC program. Then, in October 2020, we were recognized as one of the top 10 companies during the shortlist pitching. In Sep 2021, we completed the QVIC finale round and passed through 2 sessions of engineering pitching & business pitching. And finally, after all the best effort, we won to break the competition as the 1st place runner-up of the winners.

Participating in the Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge, we have learned a lot of experience and exchanged more practical knowledge. AIOZ will use the prize and the experience gained from the competition to update the BeetleBot - Gen Z product and bring it closer to everyone to know more about robots.

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