How technology could change our life? - Third: From fantasy to reality

When discussing technology, what do you think of?

Things that we thought only existed in sci-fi movies, today, thanks to the development of technology, have gradually become a reality. In the 4.0 technology era, the research and the creation of new technologies are global priorities.

The advanced technologies shown in the film include modern spaceships, remote-controlled drones, life-saving robots, intelligent home systems, etc.; we used to think that it was unrealistic. Although the current level of science and technology still needs to be further improved, it can still realize some "fiction" ideas in the film.

Remember when robots were only in movies, now you can see all kinds of robots were built to make your life simpler. In the past, it took a lot of effort to clean the house, and so the vacuum cleaner was born, but it still takes your time. The advent of house cleaning robots has been able to solve this problem. With just a few simple steps, the robot is like a real maid to help you vacuum and clean the house. You can use that time to do other things.

Besides, there are delivery robots, medical examination and treatment robots, furniture transport robots in warehouses, etc. Engineers also create robots that look like humans to communicate with humans by applying artificial intelligence to them, such as Sophia, Erica, etc. Moreover, they also have great potential in many industries, and artificial intelligence will gradually become popular in people's lives.

AIOZ's BeetleBot - autonomous delivery robot; assistance in quarantine areas

You might have seen the fierce clashes between robots and robots in Hollywood movies and want to be a part of those dramatic battles, and now there are exhilarating robot combat games to fulfill you. There, engineers will compete with their self-built robots in a contest that will have a full-fledged fighting scene.

Alternatively, you can immerse yourself in cinematic footage; no longer limited to dull black-and-white 2D graphics, cinema in the 4.0 technology era can provide you with the most authentic sensations. Filmmakers can now employ technology applications such as artificial intelligence (AI) in design, picture and sound processing, virtual reality (VR), and computer graphics (CGI) to bring spectators fascinating blockbusters.

A few years ago, I watched a movie episode of the famous series: detective Conan with the content revolving around the crime scene in the virtual reality space of a video game, where the player just sat in a cocoon and slept. Still, they could genuinely feel every centimeter of what happened in that game. At the time, I wondered how it could be so real, and I had to change my mind. With today's technological advancements, this is entirely feasible.

In the past, speculations about transporting people into space were dismissed as amusing fiction. Still, it was not far away when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the Moon more than 50 years ago, ushering in a new era for the world's spacecraft industry. Through the lens of this narrative from more than 50 years ago, we can understand how far technology has progressed.

Even more prominent, when sending humans to Mars is still quite challenging, but now there are pioneering technologies in this field with the desire to successfully conquer the Red planet, such as the US, China, Russia, the UAE have initially approached Mars as the US successfully launched the Perseverance space probe and followed by China's Tianwen-1 spacecraft. It can also be said that this is a technology race between countries.

"No dream is too high" - Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11 Astronaut)

Although many people fear that machines and robots will replace humans in many aspects, the risk of job loss will increase with the current development of science and technology. Everything has its good and bad sides, but technology was created to make people's lives simpler, not to rule the world.

The following elements characterize the transformation of technology with the 4.0 revolution: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and big data system (Big Data) made many of the previous theories reality. Join AIOZ towards a future where technology gives you incredible experiences.

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