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AI in Real Estate Industry

Nowadays, AI is impacting many aspects of our lives and the real estate industry is no exception. With outstanding computational and analytical capabilities, there is no doubt that this technology is currently transforming the real estate industry.

AIOZ AI Application: Food Waste Analysis

A product help you fight against food waste

Protecting the environment is an urgent mission that any organization, government, and individual are responsible for carrying out. However, eliminating waste in our everyday routine is still very much seriously affecting our environment. Currently, we're taking many ways to reduce environmental pollution, such as separating trash for recycling, reusing and reducing, using environmentally friendly products. But what about food consumed?

Food waste in the world is alarming, which has staggering price tags, causing much damage to the economy. Recognizing this situation, many countries around the world began to fight against food waste. To do that, we first need to know the amount of leftover food each day, then sort them for recycling. But controlling the community's daily leftovers is a problem.

Comprehending this urgent need, AIOZ has embedded technology to shape a product that can measure the amount of food consumed, based on which we can classify and then recycle.