OneKYC: Digital KYC Solution

OneKYC: The 3 key functions

OneKYC: AIOZ Digital KYC Solution


Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process of business on verifying the identity of the customer and client, as well as valuing their suitability along with potential risk toward potential business relationship. In general, KYC acquires and engage more user with secure authentication process.

However, onboarding the user registration process would take a long time to verify the identity of the customer. Moreover, the customer's document is easy to be manipulated, so that we need to check the document integrity and ask the customer about a knowledge-based identification.

Using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, the conventional KYC procedure can be shortened to be more effective and efficient by requiring the customer's physical identity (facial biometrics) for verification and authentication system. By utilizing face as inherence factor to be extracted in biometrical identification, AIOZ helps business to identify user identity in a second using face recognition.


At AIOZ, we develop AI solutions to simplify the eKYC Process.

What makes us different?

Our AI solution enables businesses to comply with eKYC framework. The platform allows customers to perform better verification process by utilizing the power of AI.

Identity verification is our flagship solution utilizing the power of Liveness Detection to verify fake or real customer's data through state-of-the-art face matching and verification process against a given ID (Identity) Database.


At AIOZ, we are always pushing over our limits in R&D to provide the frontier, cutting-edge solutions for our clients. We are expertises in applying advance deep technologies in a wide range of applications such as

  • Deep neural networks
  • Attack vectors examined: 2D presentation attacks (paper, photo, video), 3D presentation attacks (various types of masks and 3D-printed heads), face alterations, attacks physically exploiting the victim (sleeping, unconscious, hostage, or even dead), twins, attacking neural networks using image noise, data injection, brute force attacks
  • Countermeasures examined: depth detection, skin texture detection, heartbeat detection, iris detection & eye movement, face micro-motions, deepfake detection, behavioral tests

AR-powered KYC

OneKYC: AR-powered KYC

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