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AIOZ: The First Runner-up Winner @ QVIC 2020-2021

AIOZ is the first runner-up Winner in Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have won the 1st Runner-up Winner at the QVIC 2020-2021 program, hosted by Qualcomm.

A quick recap of the challenge:

    Over the course of a year, it is a long and difficult journey. This is a tremendous achievement for the entire company, and Congratulations to all AIOZ members.

    There will still be many exciting challenges ahead that require each individual's significant contributions, and we will also address them as a great and cohesive team at AIOZ.

🎉 Cheers!

BeetleBot-GenZ: Fully Autonomous & Intelligent Indoor Delivery Robot

About AIOZ BeetleBot

During the COVID-19 pandemic, technologies are playing a crucial role in keeping our society functional in a time of lockdowns and quarantines. The pandemic opens up many new opportunities and markets for healthcare-related problems. The need of robots to assist people during this challenging time is undoubted. Robotic technologies would significantly help reduce the burden on Vietnamese doctors and healthcare workers to take care of hundreds of patients and thousands of people under quarantine. Moreover, we can’t afford to lose our doctors and health professionals to the virus in such critical times.

AIOZ BeetleBot was firstly developed with the mission of being a helpful assistant to reduce the risks of these frontline workers from regularly being exposed to the virus, hence helping them to stay safe and being able to contribute their best to the fight against the pandemic.

Our Story

📰 UNDP x AIOZ: "Robotic application - the next frontier in treating infectious diseases?"; By Phan Hoang Lan, Head of Exploration, UNDP Accelerator Lab.

🏆 AIOZ BeetleBot is the winner at HackCovy 2020 Hackathon, hosted by AngelHack and UNDP Vietnam. Vietnamese News here

🏆 AIOZ BeetleBot-GenZ is the 1st Runner-up Winner at QVIC 2020-2021, hosted by Qualcomm. More info here

🏥 In September 2020, together with the support of UNDP, AIOZ BeetleBot had been developed and successfully deployed at the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases.

BeetleBot-H: functioning at Vietnamese National Hospital of Tropical Diseases

🎬 Interested in how AIOZ BeetleBot works in action? Find out more Videos HERE.

AIOZ BeetleBot

Visit us at: https://beetle.aioz.io

Please feel free to drop us an email upon interest in our technologies. ai.admin@aioz.io

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