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How technology could change our life? - Third: From fantasy to reality

When discussing technology, what do you think of?

Things that we thought only existed in sci-fi movies, today, thanks to the development of technology, have gradually become a reality. In the 4.0 technology era, the research and the creation of new technologies are global priorities.

The advanced technologies shown in the film include modern spaceships, remote-controlled drones, life-saving robots, intelligent home systems, etc.; we used to think that it was unrealistic. Although the current level of science and technology still needs to be further improved, it can still realize some "fiction" ideas in the film.

How technology could change our life? - Second: More convenient

I believe that people who are used to the presence of technology in daily life have experienced using technology. Although there are still some limitations, we cannot deny the beautiful conveniences that technology has brought to us.

Make life more convenient!

Technology is built to make our lives more convenient, whether in finance, economics, business, education, or what else.

Looking back in the past, it takes time to go to the bank to withdraw money, open an account, get a loan; in some situations, you have to wait for long. But now, with just a few steps by using internet banking, you can complete a transaction in less than two minutes. Now, customers can do all this anywhere, anytime. Currently, banking applications are increasingly convenient and customer-friendly, with high security. Therefore, due to the convenience of technology, there has been an increase in using E-banking.

How technology could change our life? - First: Faster

I don't recall a time when technology became more innovative and advanced in our lives. We must accept that technology has improved our lives from a little aspect; I believe that in the near future, it will become a worldwide communication tool, a powerful utility, and a good friend to people. Technology has radically altered our lives in one way or another. Let's look at some of the benefits that technology has offered us.

AI in Real Estate Industry

Nowadays, AI is impacting many aspects of our lives and the real estate industry is no exception. With outstanding computational and analytical capabilities, there is no doubt that this technology is currently transforming the real estate industry.

BeetleBot: Gen Z - The journey from Zero to Hero

We have great news this week and are delighted to be announced as the 1st Runner-Up Winner of the Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge (QVIC), hosted by Qualcomm with the BeetleBot - Gen Z product. AIOZ has effectively applied artificial intelligence to develop BeetleBot - an automatic indoor delivery robot with many outstanding features. After a long and challenging journey, BeetleBot has successfully passed many competition teams and convinces the organizers.

Hello! My name is BeetleBot!

What role does technology play in response to Covid-19?

Nearly two years have passed since the first case was confirmed in Wuhan, China. Covid-19 now is still a global epidemic. As yet, around 187 million people have been infected worldwide, and more than 4 million have died.

How to minimize the number of infections and deaths? What should we do to prevent cross-contamination in the isolation area? How to manage people in the period of social distancing? To solve this problem, many technology engineers have successfully researched and developed technology applications. Let's find out which technology was created to defect Covid-19.

In the age of A.I - Part 6: Will it take my job?

“Will AI take my job?” is one of the most Googled questions. We are now changing and adapting to the new era. Yes, AI will kill jobs, but it will also bring new jobs to the world.

Industry 4.0 has created many breakthroughs in new technologies in artificial intelligence production, robot manufacturing, internet development, nanotechnology, biotechnology, etc. Accordingly, the newly born technologies will form new professions, especially those related to the interaction between humans and machines.


In the age of A.I - Part 5: How to deal with it?

If you have been through the previous part, you can see that things are getting a little bit scary. If there are so many things going wrong, how can we get it right? How to stop misusing AI? Can we be able to stop that?

The problem cannot be solved simply by telling all countries to stop researching AI. We might have several choices, but we don’t get to choose not to have the technology. Once it’s invented, it’ll stay invented.


In the age of A.I - Part 4: It kills us?

A lot of people believe that AI is a thousand times smarter than we are. When it comes to AI being aggressive, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Killer robots? Do robots dominate humans? The terminator?


AI, to be simple, is software that writes itself. We usually tend to think of software as stuff that we created. We wrote it, and then the machines did what we told them to do, and it would always follow our commands. This is not any longer true. The AI now is writing itself at speeds that we can hardly comprehend. AI writes its own independently, autonomously, and develops its way of thinking. Scientists know that you can’t take it apart again and figure out what it has done.

In the age of A.I - Part 3: It enhances us

Could AI enhance us to be a better human?

Today, robots can easily perform a variety of automated tasks, both inside and outside of the factory. Machine learning, deep learning, and other AI technologies are already being used to reduce humans in assembly, packaging, customer service, and HR, among other areas.

The concept of automation aimed at improving labor capacity seems to be macro. Nowadays, AI is getting closer to individuals. It surrounds you, enhancing your capabilities and workflow.


In the age of A.I - Part 2: It heals us

The story of AlphaGo might sound appealing but then having a super AI to play chess with you is not the case in this century. We, as ordinary people, do not mind how intelligent an AI can be but what it can help us with. Can AI make any impact on our life?

The answer is yes. In this part, we will look through the application of AI in one of the most focused areas: the healthcare field.


In the age of A.I - Part 1: How smart A.I can be?

AI is changing our world. But what can it really do?

What will become true and what will remain science-fiction?

It was 2016 in South Korea, a breakthrough moment when the Asian board game Go champion, Lee Sedol, took on an AI program developed by Google, AlphaGo. To people in Asia, especially Korea, this is not just a game but a fight with national pride. They were sure that Lee Sedol would beat AlphaGo hands down. The game was watched by millions of people. Can machines overtake human intelligence?

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AI in Logistics and Supply Chain - Part 2: Revolution your organization

Thanks to the rapid development of machine learning, big data analytics, computer vision, etc., the modern Logistics and Supply Chain is optimized in many different aspects from people to organizations.

Logistics and Supply Chain companies that implement AI can make decisions and predict base on what they learned from data in management to do predictive analytics or back-office automation. AI is expected to become a powerful assistance tool in this industry.

AI in Logistics and Supply Chain - Part 1: Smart Warehouse

Managing goods, managing warehouses, and efficiently transporting goods is a great challenge for shipping companies. Any solution to struggle with this? Artificial Intelligence!. There are a lot of AI solutions and applications in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry. Logistics companies leverage Machine Learning and AI to automate and optimize their operation, and a smart warehouse is one of their best choices.